"It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you, and both competitions allow artists the opportunity to get known." Read APRA AMCOS' Q & A on what song comps mean in 2020.

– APRA AMCOS Q&A, 2020

"The news couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you all who judged and believed in the song. Thank you to everyone along the way that helped us reach the top. We are truly honoured and will use this achievement for the better." 

– Jared Porter and Kaylee Bell, 2015 Grand Prize Winners

"The connections that Unsigned Only has really helped us in the industry, one of them being that we got to meet in person Monte Lipman from Universal Republic. We got to sit down and have lunch with him. So that was really a blessing. For some little band like us, it was cool to have that introduction. We’ve had a lot of other great meetings and a lot of great attention from people within the industry. Unsigned Only competition was a big move, so we’re definitely thankful."

– Goodbye June, 2014 Grand Prize Winner

“You always hear about this happening to other people, but I never thought it would happen to me. It’s such an amazing and rare opportunity to have people care about you and your music. It’s very inspiring to feel supported by an organization (Unsigned Only) who just want you to do well because of your music ability and your love for your art.”


– Ingrid Andress, 2016 Grand Prize Winner

"The Unsigned Only Music Competition was a spectacular experience for me as an artist, from both a creative and business perspective.  With over 9500 entries from around the world, they really get to see and hear an unbelievable number of talented folks, and I feel exceptionally fortunate to have been named the 2013 winner. Beyond the obvious financial benefit (which allowed me to complete my album) the opportunity to be mentored by top industry people is truly exceptional and exposed me to a number of individuals that would have been entirely inaccessible outside this contest.  The added spotlight also was massively helpful in propelling my debut single “Duet” into the top 10 on the Canadian Country Billboard chart.   I continue to feel the benefits of this contest to this day… and the Martin guitar…. It’s pretty cool too.  Thanks, UO!"

– Wes Mack, 2013 Grand Prize Winner

"Being the Grand Prize winner of the Unsigned Only Competition has been a definite high point of my career thus far. The mentoring opportunities provided by Unsigned Only are nothing short of incredible: I've had in-depth conversations with the uppermost gatekeepers and leaders of the music industry.  I can't think of another music competition that would provide an unsigned artist the chance to have a face-to-face meeting with Monte Lipman, President and CEO of Universal Republic Records; and Wendy Goldstein, the label's Senior Vice President of A&R. And that's not all (not even close)! For brevity's sake, here is a little list. I've been able to chat with Atlantic Records' renowned Executive Vice President Pete Ganbarg; go to lunch with Capitol Records' versatile A&R pioneer Kim Stephens, talk about career strategies with Pete Giberga, Vice President of the super-successful independent label Razor and Tie; and to get in touch with legendary A&R man Dave Wilkes.

Since winning the Unsigned Only Competition, I've garnered invaluable advice from a rich variety of perspectives, and I've had the chance to start relationships with people who can truly help me in my career. I'm excited to see where this all takes me and I would urge any aspiring artist to enter this year's competition- you never know, you might be the next Grand Prize winner!"


– Lara Johnston, 2012 Grand Prize Winner

"It's inspiring and exciting to hear what's coming. The production level and quality of writing on the batch of songs this year was way high. The future looks bright."

– David Crowder, 2014 Judge

"I want to take a second to give a huge shoutout to Unsigned Only for organizing and facilitating this music competition that, since winning the Screen Shot category, has put my foot in the door for the next stage of my career.  In an industry full of a lot of smoke blowing, this is the most legit and rewarding experience I've had.”

– Dustin Paul, 2016 Unsigned Only Screen Shot Category Winner

"Awesome talent this year - can't wait for 2015!"

– Dustin Lynch, 2014 Judge

All of the songs are really good, and just being a finalist is a feather in the cap of all of the competitiors!"

– Matt Maher, 2018 Judge

“Being named the Grand Prize winner of the 2018 Unsigned Only Music Competition has truly been an incredibly humbling and life-changing experience. This opportunity has truly given me the chance to take my career to the next level and live my passion, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.”


– Eric Ethridge, 2018 Grand Prize Winner

"I am so thankful for this opportunity and the doors that it will open in the future. Receiving approbation in such a prestigious competition brings a sense of honour and happiness that can't fully be put into words. This only pushes me to work harder to achieve goals that seem unattainable but can be achieved with perseverance."

– Faouzia, 2017 Grand Prize Winner

"Thank you so, so much Unsigned Only for creating this competition, and choosing me as an artist for the 2016 grand prize winner!!!!! I can't even begin to explain the perfect timing of this, and how honored I am. The EP I'm releasing in Jan 2017 is going to sound AMAZING thanks to you guys!!!"

– Ingrid Andress, 2016 Grand Prize Winner

I love searching for new music, especially when I find a new artist or song that is so great it makes me want to share it with others. There's no greater feeling than sitting a friend down and saying, 'You HAVE to hear this - and then bonding with them over that song for the rest of your lives. Unsigned Only really captures the spirit of this experience."

– Chris Culos (O.A.R.), 2017 Judge

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